Easy Nesting Boxes

Getting experience with breeding and raising chickens takes time, so be patient. Along the way we learn how to make things easier and quicker.

About a month ago, I came home from work with the idea of making nesting boxes easier. My Hubby and I had been building new cages with the idea of making them as fox proof as we can.  Well by the time we got to the part of making the nesting boxes we were all built out… so sick of spending every weekend building our breeders pens.

Along comes a quick idea. In town there is this painting business, and the nice man that owns the business agreed to give me the metal buckets after he was finished with them. So I bought the first few home for hubby to see… After a bit of debate, he understood what I was visualising for our new nesting boxes. The bucket idea has been around for years, but we needed something solid and off the ground to prevent mice and rats from building underneath them.

Hubby then went to work on putting together some great nesting boxes. Easy to lift out for cleaning, and re-filling with wood shavings.

Steel framed and bolted to the wall. With no underneath frame required. We used waste signs, any scraps of materials can be used. The only bought material used is the steel frame, which hubby welded together. Legs are only for stability. Small platform at the front, so the girls can make a choice of which box without any stress.

If you have any pictures of your nesting boxes which your imagination built. Please I would love to hear from you.

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