My back yard chicks are now chickens

Back yard Chickens moving them to a new Home

Training  you chicken, the problem is when your chicks first hatch  they are lovely, and all you want to do is hold them, keep them indoors in a box where chicks will feel safe and warm that’s fine while they are chicks..but as they grow they will need more space to move around…this is when you need to move them to there own chicken run or house.this sounds simple but the problem is you will find that your now young chickens wont go in the chicken house want sit on a perch …Why ?

You have to remember  that your chicken before had a very small environment  to live in and they become accustom  to this..when moving your chicks out for the first time you will have to spend time with then letting them know that there new house or chicken run is safe and you must show them the inside if the chicken house so they know it is also safe and warm for then to enter, you will probably have to go inside with them to start them off sit inside for a few minutes  see if they will sit in there as well why you are there…they will most likely  follow you out when you leave so you will have to repeat this a few times until the chickens become accustom to there new time how to get you chicken to sit on a perch please comment